Logically a company that speciallizes in search engine optimization also provides web designThe flow and design of your website directly affects search engine placement.  An example of which would be the META tags on each page of your site, do they agree with the content?

After designing hundreds of websites we have learned what works and what doesn't work.  We understand websites from the end user point of view, which ultimately is the most important point of view.  When a site is clean and flows correctly it converts much more traffic than one that isn't clean and doesn't flow correctly. 

Here at 480SEO we have many years experience designing and implementing websites.  We have adapted current websites to a more efficient form, we have also created websites from scratch, or used templates.  Our primary goal is SEO, as a sister-service we offer web design.  Chances are you are visiting our site and have stayed to read this information because you like the layout of the site and the information is readily retrievable.  We hope we can earn your business, contact us today!