This site is a resource for small businesses to get Local/Global results in Google.  There is a difference between local results and global results, If you type in a search in google, you will get either one of two responses, local or global.  Most techniques we use here at 480SEO gives you both results.  When you enter a search for any product or service accompanied by a location, Google maps will pop-up and show a list of 10 businesses that relate to the appropriate city.

For each location your company has, it is allowed to submit that city to the local results in Google.  You will receive a postcard in the mail from Google once the request is received, on it will contain a code you will need to type in to a verification area of Google.  The reason for these measures is simple, it keeps the results accurate. 

What makes Google so amazing is the accuracy of its results.  Global results show up according to the search term, as long as they don't have a location attached to them, or Google doesn't have a database of local businesses for the results. 

Here at 480SEO we utilize all of the tools of the trade to help you get the most out of your web presence.  Getting to the top of Google locally and globally for your keywords is our goal.  After all, whats the use of having a website if no customers visit it?