Link building is an essential part to getting your site to the top of google. Think of links as acquaintances, the more you have the more popular you are, Google, along with the other search engines view it the same way.  Just like links in a chain, each web link is important to the strength of the site as a whole.

When one site links to another, it is telling everyone that it recommends its product or service.  The more popular a website is, the more powerful the recommendation is.  It is obvious why search engines rank a site partially off it's "link popularity". 

Getting to the top of google organically takes time, one of the reasons is too many links at a time can be viewed as "unorganic" or "fake".  One thing you do not want to do is make google consider your site as one of those.  If google thinks you may be trying to use bad SEO practices it will put you on their black list and you won't show up in any search results!

Solid, high quality links are necessary for a strong web presence foundation.  Here at 480SEO we have established solid relationships with many webmasters, creating a forum of useful tools to provide these links. Part of our job is to acquire these links for you, helping your website traffic increase, and of course converting that traffic into customers!