The content of your site is very important to the placement of it in Google.  Part of what makes Google what it is today is their unrivaled ability to match websites up with people that search keywords.  When a person does a search they are looking for information, if the content on your site matches what the person types in, your a good fit, and Google recognizes that.

Updating your website content consistently is key.  Whether it is a blog or a static site is irrelevant, it just needs to be updated on a consistent schedule.  New articles, new information, new products, new services, google LOVES these!  When updating content it is important to write about everything regarding your business.  Lets say your business is photography, write about the latest cameras that are out, write about the latest photo editing software, write about shooting techniques, the list is endless, and it is that way for any business!  

Here at 480SEO we help you with content management, one page at a time!  We provide you with an easy format of updating site content.  If you have read through all the information on this site you will notice there is a consistent theme, it takes time to get to the top of Google organically.  Content is no different than any other aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) it takes time to get it right.